Mindfulness and Music

Plum Village Records is here!

Whether it’s to strengthen singing at weekly sangha gatherings, to share the practice with new people, or to warm the heart, music is at the heart of the Plum Village tradition. Up until now, recordings of music created by the community have mainly been available only as CDs sold at the monastery bookstores. But times are changing and so are we. 

Your donations to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation’s Dharma Sharing Program enabled us to give a grant to support the practice of singing meditation and chanting. To nourish our collective joy, we offer music from the Plum Village community in a new format - online.

These digital albums include original compositions and long-time classics from the community. Composed and sung by monastic and lay community members, this music is truly an expression of the sangha. Most tracks are home-recorded, simple, and full of love. Much of the music is in English with some tracks in Vietnamese and French, and one album is all instrumental.

You currently may purchase these digital albums on CD Baby (linked below). After you submit your purchasing information, you will be prompted to download the MP3 files to your computer. Mindful of the environment, we opted to only offer digital MP3 files as opposed to CD formats.

These digital albums are also be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, and there is also the option to stream on Spotify or listen for free on YouTube. All proceeds from these albums go to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation and directly support our mindfulness practice centers, monastic health care fund, humanitarian relief efforts, and Dharma sharing program.

We offer this music for the well-being and awakening of all, and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we have.


Traditional Music



Mountains is a collections of songs from the many-fold Sangha in a variety of styles including “Joy,” “I Love Nature,” and “Peacefully Free."

Also available on iTunes



Rivers is a collection of songs in English, Vietnamese, and French from the monastic community, straight from the heart.

Also available on iTunes


Fleur de Prunier

Fleur de Prunier is a collection of music in French including “Sans Venir, Sans Partir,” “Je Sues Chez Moi,” and “Mon Ile Interieur.”

Also available on iTunes

Buddha in Oneself,Buddhas in the World.png

Buddha in Oneself, Buddhas in the World

Buddha in Oneselve, Buddhas in the World is a peaceful instrumental album of favorite songs from the Plum Village tradition.

Also available on iTunes

CD cover only.png

Chanting as a River

Chants to nourish the heart of compassion, courage, awakening and liberation.

Journey to Nowhere.JPG

Journey to Nowhere

Journey to Nowhere is an album of songs often sung in monasteries but not often known by local practice groups like, “Silence is an Ocean” and "Mother Earth."

Also available on iTunes



Namo’valo is various versions of the beloved chant of great compassion, beginning with a beautiful teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh on the practice of compassion.

Also available on iTunes


Contemporary Music

Wide Open.JPG

Wide Open

Wide Open is the latest release with a jazz version of “Discourse on Love,” “There is True Love Right Here,” and a beat-box version of "Happiness is Here and Now" called “Happiness Remix.”

Also available on iTunes

Healing Songs.JPG

Healing Songs

Healing Songs is an album of original music from the Mahasangha released by Blue Cliff Monastery in 2015 including “Wishless” and “Meditation on Breathing.”

Also available on iTunes

Wake Up.JPG

Wake Up

Wake Up is a collection of songs inspired by the 2011 Wake Up Tour in the US. Titles include “Unborn and Indestructible,” “This Is It!”, "Listening to the Bell, " and of course, “Wake Up!”

Also available on iTunes


Music Streaming

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Other Music Albums

There are several other albums of Plum Village music available online. Though proceeds from these purchases do not go directly to the Foundation, these albums are still a rich and valuable resource for your practice and community: