Global Monastic Support and Health Care

Monastic sisters enjoying the fall colors

Global Monastic Support

Your donations provide support for the global Plum Village community by covering costs such as immigration fees for monastics coming to the US; technical, educational, training, and communication support for the worldwide monastic community; and administrative expenses.

Monastic Health Care Fund

Health care is a basic human need and right. Unfortunately, even with the Affordable Care Act, many of our US-based monastics are not able to enjoy health insurance coverage. This is primarily due to the lack of state options. In an effort to ensure that funds are dedicated for the health of our beloved monastic community, the Foundation has created a Monastic Health Care Fund, which supports the health care costs for nearly 100 monastics in the United States.

This fund addresses a significant need for the community. Our monastics have a very healthful and wholesome way of living. But one never knows when a baby rattlesnake may love a brother so much he curls up in his shoe and—well, then we have an emergency!

We look forward to a day when all of our monastics have health insurance. Until then, we have a concrete and easy way to take care of their needs. They care for us; now we can care for them.