Humanitarian Relief Program

A gift as little as $5 USD will provide lunch for one child for an entire month.

The Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation provides dedicated support for international humanitarian relief efforts, aiding victims of poverty and natural disasters in Vietnam and other countries. The cornerstone of our relief efforts is our Love and Understanding program. Your generous donations to the Love and Understanding program go directly to support the basic needs of these communities, making a real and immediate difference in the world.

Humanitarian financial gifts help feed hungry children who cannot afford to pay for their lunch, provide scholarships for toddlers to attend school, and pay salaries to school teachers in the remote areas of Vietnam.

As of 2017, a gift of $55 USD will pay for one month of a teacher’s salary. A gift as little as $5 USD will provide lunch for one child for an entire month. Many of these children survive on the meals provided at school, and this is possible through your generosity.

Your donations to the Love and Understanding program have also provided the means for several families to construct wells in remote areas of Vietnam. These wells enable them to pump water to soften the soil, making it possible to sow seeds and harvest crops to sell as a means of support. There are still many families in need of this assistance. The cost of building one well is approximately $350 dollars, making it possible for three families to provide for themselves during dry seasons.

With your help, we have been able to do so much. And there is so much more we can do, working together. All that you do to support the practice, to transform your own suffering, and to give and share what you can, truly does transform the world. 

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