Sharing our Earth Practice for Thay’s Continuation Day

On October 11th, Thay turns 93. Thay has taught us many transformational lessons about how we to care for our planet as an expression of our compassion for ourselves, our fellow beings and future generations. To share our gratitude with him on his continuation day, we hope to share with him 93 photos capturing our individual and Sangha efforts in caring for our planet.

Please submit a photo of you, your family or your Sangha through this form. Some examples of photos you can submit are:

  • Walking in the Sep 20th Youth Climate Strike

  • Gardening

  • Mindfully enjoying a plant-based meal

  • Walking or sitting in nature

  • Practicing a flash sit in your local area

Submissions made before October 5th may be featured in a digital photo album to be sent to Thay for his continuation day. Photo submissions after the 5th will still be collected and presented as part of our archival of Thay's legacy and our global impact.

Thank you for joining us in this offering!