Your Gifts at Work: Mindfulness Training for Low-Income PoC Students in Providence, RI

“This is my favorite class. I can finally de-stress.”

Your donation helped fund a mindfulness course for PoC and low-income high school students at the Academy for Career Exploration in Providence, RI. Through guided meditations, writing reflections, books, and other mindfulness exercises, students gained a deep understanding of the practice and how to apply it in every day life.

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Each student kept a personal gratitude journal, used to enrich their appreciation and joy for the conditions in their lives and for the wonderful qualities and passions they possess in themselves. By the end of the course, students created their very own 30-minute guided meditation that they can use with their peers.

Your generosity is true compassionate interbeing in action. Thank you.

“How come we never got this class before?”

“I’m teaching my mother how to meditate, too, because it has really helped me."

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