The Plum Village Cedar Society

What Will Be Your Legacy?

Thầy teaches us that we can never die. We are a continuous manifestation. That is why the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation created the Cedar Society as a path for practitioners to offer stable and long-term support through legacy gifts.

Legacy giving is done by leaving a gift to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation in your will or estate plan. A legacy gift is given after the donor’s lifetime. A legacy gift often allows people to make a larger gift than they were able to during their lifetime.

Legacy gifts have a huge impact on our ability to continue to share mindfulness and Thầy’s teachings into the future. Your legacy gift will:

  • Allow the Sangha to care for Thầy’s fourfold sangha of monks, nuns, and lay practitioners so they may continue teaching people the path of peace and liberation.

  • Ensure the continuation of the monastic practice centers as peaceful places where people can practice and learn about mindfulness and the Dharma.

  • Support worldwide humanitarian efforts.

  • Reach new people, especially the young, and share the transformational opportunities of our practice.

Everyone can make a legacy gift. They are gifts that anyone, of any means, can offer. You do not need to be wealthy, it does not cost a thing, and you can change your mind at any time just by changing your will. 

History of the Cedar Society

Some of Thay's original Cedars, including Sister Chan Khong

Some of Thay's original Cedars, including Sister Chan Khong

When Thầy was a young Dharma teacher in Vietnam, there were 13 students who supported him in difficult times. Thầy wanted to train some young people to become like strong cedars to help support the Buddha’s teachings. He called them the thirteen cedars.

These special students were fundamental to keeping Thầy’s teachings alive and thriving during and after the war. Many of the 13 original members still play an important role in helping Thầy’s teachings take root here in the West. Without them, we may not have the teachings of Thầy today.

We are here because they were there.

Looking deeply, it is clear we can touch the practice now due to the dedication and commitment of the original 13 cedars in 1961. You know the value of the gifts you have received from Thầy’s teachings. We can never repay our teacher for what he has done for all of us. But we can make sure his teachings are never lost.

Now, you are needed to continue the legacy of Thầy. The legacy of your teacher is also your legacy. The thirteen cedars are our spiritual ancestors, and the monks and nuns of today are our spiritual family—our legacy can continue through them.

Leave a Legacy of Love

Our dream is for 1,300 members of Thầy’s community to leave a legacy to ensure the continuation of our spiritual family. With this kind of support, we can all be confident that our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will have spiritual brothers and sisters and a community to support them.

Joining the Cedar Society is easy. We have all the information you need to leave a legacy gift and become a member of the Plum Village Cedar Society. Contact us at or call 760-291-1003 ext 104.

Many of us want to ensure that the teachings and the monastic order continue in the future, but we may not have the wealth to make a major gift at the present moment. That makes legacy giving an attractive option.
— Brandy Sacks, Cedar Society Member

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